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Vision: to develop all around players to work hard together and enjoy the community we are a part of. (Fans, family, coaches, players, refs, opponents)

Mission: to get better with every opportunity. (As players and young adults)

Values: leadership, effort, smart play, and team first mentality./span>

Heights Basketball Academy

The Heights Basketball Academy is a nonprofit program of the Youth Development Initiative, currently serving fourth to sixth grade basketball players in the Cleveland Heights area. Our program is gratefully based out of the Cleveland Heights Community Center.

We organize teams and offer group and individual training. In addition to the high-level basketball techniques, we emphasize “effort,” “decision-making” and “focus” as a foundation that is a transferrable mindset for anything that the kids do. In recent years, our teams have won travel leagues, numerous local tournaments and qualified for the AAU Nationals. More importantly, we have a very high retention rate, which to us means that the kids and parents have a good experience in our programs.